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July 2017 News

From what I hear, students are enjoying summer vacation.  Several are attending Camp Bird in Wisconsin, families are on vacation, and quite a few kids are spending their days at the pool and playing sports.  It’s good for students and teachers to find time to relax and regroup during the summer months!

Teacher Calls.  We are pleased to announce that Mr. Ryan Henning has accepted the call to teach Grades 5-6.  Also, Mrs. Ruth Lee has accepted her call to teach Grades 1-2.  Blessings to you both as you as you teach our children!

Float.  Trinity is entering a flower-themed float this year in the Belle Plaine BBQ Days parade on Saturday, July 15.  Students are invited to come and help hand out Freezies in the parade.

Marketing Committee.  A new committee was formed this summer to help market our school.  They have several fantastic ideas!  Keep on the look-out for them 🙂

Classroom Improvements.  We want to thank all those who helped to paint the Kindergarten, Grades 1-2, and Grades 3-4 Rooms.  They are looking great!  The rooms also have new counter tops, sinks, and blinds.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.  See you in fall!

Mr. Whitney

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