MrsBratschI was born in Mankato, MN and grew up on a farm situated between Mankato, Nicollet, and St. Peter. I have two brothers and one sister.

I went to Trinity Lutheran School in Nicollet for grades 1-8. After confirmation I went to high school in New Ulm, MN at Martin Luther Academy. After I graduated I went on to D.M.L.C. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education but did not receive a call after graduation because I married my husband, Larry, that same year in June. I started working part time at Trinity, Belle Plaine in the fall of 1976 and I’ve been here ever since. In June of 2014 I celebrated 25 years of teaching here at Trinity. I had taken a ten year leave from Trinity to have my family .I have one son and three daughters.

When I came back to work at Trinity I started the Kindergarten program, which was three full days a week, and a few years later I started the Preschool program, which was the other two days of the week.

I have gone back to school at Mankato State University and M.L.C.
I love to read, crochet and travel to visit my children. I recently became a new grandmother, which gives me

lots of reasons to travel since three of my four children live out of state. I love keeping in touch with my children.

Starting Fourth Quarter

We will be starting the fourth and last quarter of the school year.  Kindergarten will be starting the letter M. We will be working hard to finish the rest of the letters and sound. On May 27th Trinity will be having their Track and Field day more information will be...

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